For as long as I can remember I have made up stories, bending the ear of any patient adult and relating my latest efforts, or marshalling sisters and friends to perform in my adapted versions of films or plays. 


However, having been actively discouraged from writing at school, I turned to my other great love, the theatre. I have performed a variety of backstage jobs, and one as a small-scale producer, but mostly I have been a dresser and personal assistant to a variety of wonderful actors in London's West End and on tour.

After encouragement from one particular actor I began to write again, firstly experimenting with short stories and children's books and then drawing on my theatrical experiences to produce the Judith Gold Trilogy.

The Judith Gold Trilogy started as a conversation with a fellow theatrical about to start writing her first novel. Despite her efforts to persuade me to do likewise, I was convinced that I'd never be able to write at such length. Still, I sat down with a notebook in a Starbucks overlooking theatreland and wrote what is now the prologue of Chewing the Scenery. I had no character names, no idea of where I was going or what the plot was. In fact, everything the books on writing tell you not to do! Yet six months later I had the first draft. Judith is such a strong character she simply drove the book along.

I had not intended to write a trilogy but on finishing Chewing the Scenery I felt I had unfinished business and went on to write Climbing the Curtain. The positive feedback I received for these two novels inspired me to write the third, Storming the Stage.     

I have recently adapted Chewing the Scenery as a screenplay which was performed as a rehearsed reading with a group of incredibly talented West End actors who nobly gave up their Sundays to participate. 

On a different note, I enjoy working with children and literature, running my local library's summer reading scheme for two years and more recently holding 'story-time' on the show Shrek (on which I was working) where I helped the 'Young Shreks' and 'Young Fionas' create their own stories and plays.

As well as a passion for theatre and for writing, I love to read (doesn't every author?), watch movies, travel, play board games with friends or Scrabble on Facebook, and ride on my pale blue Bobbin bike. Though I live in London I adore New York City (hence the setting for Storming the Stage) and my favourite place to read or write is sitting by the lake in Central Park.