Reviews for the Judith Gold Trilogy

'For anyone in love with the stage, the authenticity of the writing will prove an instant winner. The rest of the world will just have to enjoy some fantastic writing, laugh out loud comedy and moments that could easily provoke tears.' British Theatre Guide.

'I laughed out loud while planning which part I should try for when the inevitable film is made!!!   A truly, fantastically camp, hilarious, easy and well observed piece of writing.' Amanda Holden

'Hugely entertaining tale' AS Magazine

'Oh dear she knows us thesps far too well. It's a sparkling wicked book and frighteningly accurate. Read and be delighted.' Miriam Margolyes

'Theatre folk picked apart with the forensic wit of a vulture after a couple of gin and tonics. Damn good fun.' Nigel Planer

'This is a dangerously funny book- dangerous because I will never trust a dresser again. Davina knows all our secrets and knows how to exaggerate them to great comic effect.' Harriet Walter

'Are actors really like this? Yes guilty as charged - my only regret is that I've finished it.' Susie Blake

'Judith is a splendid character - she comes bouncing off the page.' Michael Legat

'I need more! That was truly wonderful. I've had a lovely day reading a fantastic book.' Dianne Pilkington

Some Amazon comments.

Laugh our loud funny

Awesome book

A great read

A real page turner

Davina Elliott Storms the Stage

When is Davina bringing out her next delight?

I look forward to many more outings for Judith

Entertaining, engrossing and hilarious.