Chewing the Scenery

ISBN 978-0-9560960-0-5

Leading lady Judith Gold is at loggerheads with director Alexander Columbus on a West End production of the ghostly comedy Blithe Spirit. Judith considers he is ruining an excellent play, abetted by employing a vacuous American ex-beauty queen and an actor with chronic stage fright.

Can other cast members, including movie star Rupert Blake and his possessive real-life wife Miranda Flynn, keep the play on track?

For producer Wesley Bartlett, the perfect project has turned into a theatrical nightmare complete with unexploded bombs and air raid sirens in a 1930s drawing room comedy.

Climbing the Curtain

ISBN 978-0-9560960-1-2

Judith Gold has found her latest venture - a stage version of the classic Hollywood film All About Eve written to her specifications. She informs producer Wesley Bartlett that she will have artistic control of both the creative team and the cast.

The result is a spineless director and the perfect acting ensemble, including her favourite co-star, Rupert Blake. Yet offstage the company are far from perfect which causes major strife and threatens to cause onstage chaos.  

Meanwhile a respected war correspondent is taking an unusual interest in the play - and in Judith herself.

Storming the Stage

ISBN 978-0-9560960-2-9

Judith Gold has brought her stage production of All About Eve to Broadway, along with co-star Rupert Blake. Yet after failing to obtain the same artistic control that she had in London a virtual all-out battle ensues with two of her American co-stars, method actress Mindy Blue and arrogant has-been TV actor Digby Weston. 

Meanwhile, Judith's possessions are being sabotaged and her request for theatrically ascending chandeliers is declined by producer Wesley Bartlett.

Is Broadway ready for a loud-mouthed opinionated English actress with attitude and in the most American of plays?